About us

We are a small Czech consulting company operating in the field of the environment, which was established in 2003. We specialize in technical consulting with high added value, especially in the protection of environmental components, especially air protection. At the same time, we use our extensive experience both in solving problems in environmental protection in the Czech Republic and abroad. Our working team consists of experts (internal and external) in the field of environmental policy, professional and legislative aspects of environmental protection, especially air protection, financial mechanisms for environmental protection, public support issues, project cycle of European funds, preparation of project applications and studies and processing of financial and economic analyzes. The working team is led by Ing. Jiří Morávek and RNDr. Lubomír Paroha. In the area of ??grant project administration, they are a long-term part of the working team Mgr. Petra Borůvková and Ing. Olga Vonková.

Jiří Morávek

Jiří Morávek (1978) graduated from the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague and worked at the Ministry of the Environment from 2004 to 2007 as a officer and later as a deputy director of the Air Protection Department and head of the Air Quality Unit. He was responsible for the preparation of conceptual documents in the field of air protection and professional documents for legislation.
Since 2007 he has been working in the private sector as a senior consultant and deals with consultancy in the field of environmental protection and consultancy in the field of subsidies for environmental protection. He participated in the preparation of valid legislation for air protection and in the processes of notification of the provision of public support in the field of environmental protection. He is a member of the Appeals, Interpretation and Legislative Commission of the Minister of the Environment.

Lubomír Paroha

RNDr. Lubomír Paroha (1958) graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University in Prague, majoring in mathematical structure.
Visiting scholar - Pembroke College, Cambridge University, United Kingdom, Global Environmental Security.
Founded and partner in Ascend s.r.o. since 2003. Over 30 years of professional experience in environmental protection. Work experience from 20 countries of the Northern Hemisphere. Specialization in air protection, public financing of investment projects, modeling.